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Middle East has been historically the destination and a dream of travelers all around the world. The countries in Middle East are now tremendously targeted as top international Tourism destinations. This surge comes as the result of major economic development and proper investment and accurate marketing policies in the region. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) predicts that growth in the Middle East travel market will be 50 per cent higher than the world's average by 2020.

3 rd Middle East Travel Market is going to be held on 13 – 17 September 2004 in Shiraz,the City of Sacred and Beauty, Civilization and Culture, following the policy of global sustainable tourism in the region which is listed as an International Event in The calendar of WTO as well.

This market provides opportunity for those professionals interested in Tourism in Iran mostly in Fars province as well as other countries in the area by visiting the representatives of Tourism industry in these countries as well as in Iran .

In addition it would be a golden opportunity to be familiarized with Persian Culture, Art, Music and Folklore dance, food and handy crafts as the special programs of the METM 2004. Professional Work shops, Photo galleries, seminars and meetings would be the lateral programs of 3 rd Middle East Travel Market as well as special offers for discounted city tours.

3 rd Middle East Travel Market Shahrak-e Golestan The Permanent International Exhibition Place


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